Running AMOK

Today is my very first day of running AMOK! From 16th June to 15th July, I’ll be taking part in Random Acts’ Annual Melee of Kindness (AMOK). This month-long celebration of kindness can be as big or small as you like, but I’ve decided to challenge myself to carry out one random act of kindness every day. Will I manage it? No idea, but I’ll try my best  and I’ll document it all here, of course.

AMOK Day 1: Saturday 16th June

My day started with an early morning hair appointment, so I decided to take some breakfast treats and a little kindness card for the salon staff. It had been a few months since I’d done anything like this, so I was kind of nervous before I got there. Would they like the lame snacks I brought? Would they just think I was super weird? And crucially, if it went wrong, how cringeworthy would it be to sit through a haircut after that?

Dutch bakery treats and a kindness card for AMOK

Dutch bakery treats and a kindness card on the first day of AMOK

Of course, I needn’t have worried. The salon owner was super excited when I handed him the treats and explained what this was all about. So excited, in fact, that he immediately gave me a hug! Then he asked lots of questions about the #AMOKRA hashtag and Random Acts, and said he’ll try to do some kind things for AMOK too.


The message on my little AMOK kindness card

After my haircut he shook my hand and told me he’s going to keep the card on his mirror to remind him to be kind. As a first act, it couldn’t have gone better and I’m super excited for the rest of AMOK  oh, and the haircut was great too!

What is Random Acts anyway?

Random Acts is a non-profit dedicated to changing the world one random act of kindness at a time. It inspires people to perform acts of kindness and provides support to help them turn their ideas into reality – whether that’s buying someone a coffee or building a school. It’s staffed entirely by volunteers and I’ve been working as a staff writer there for almost a year. You can find all the latest AMOK news by following @RandomActsOrg and the #AMOKRA and #GetKind hashtags on Twitter.




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2 Responses to Running AMOK

  1. So cool. I really just need to commit to doing something like this. I’ve been feeling the urge to try this out for a while now.

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