About Clarita Mannion

I was born in Lancashire, north west England, and had a fantastic childhood full of fresh air, hill walking and horse riding. But growing up in a village where everyone knew everyone else, I always had a yearning to get out into the world and experience new places.

As a result, I moved to Dublin at 18, went to university in London and studied in Girona for a year, before settling down in Barcelona. After seven years there I made the leap across the pond to Mexico City, and finally decided to move again in 2016 when I accepted a job in the Netherlands.

I’ve always had a passion for languages and linguistics, reading and writing. I studied Spanish and Linguistics and worked as an English teacher, freelance journalist and translator before finding my way to online content and eventually my dream job of copywriting.

Language-wise, I speak fluent Spanish and Catalan and some rusty French, and can swear and toast in a whole range of other European languages thanks to Erasmus friends and Barcelona flatmates. The next language on the list? Dutch!

When I’m not writing I love swimming and snorkelling, taking photos, following football and watching Supernatural. I’m also told I bake exceedingly good cakes.


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